Assalamualaikum u ols, da singgah, sudila follow ye, i will follow u back..lau yang xsuka tu xpayah la nk ckp bukan2 kt cni, boleh je terus tekan butang pangkah tu,mekaceh ^_^

my cayunks!! =)

Just my thought..lets think together ^_^

still sleepy..uuuu
but, i have to wake up
it a must!!
I smile to open my day, so that i will create more positive charge and i will always have this cute face,hohoho..

I pulled my blanket away,
the floor was cold, so my feet searched around for my slippers.
I rubbed my eyes one more time, \(^O^)/
then, headed to the is so cold, uuuhhhh
the wind blew with a stillness that brushed my cheeks so gently..>_<'
then, I just do my routines in the bedroom..and done!

I looked at mypinky mirror and smile to the only me.
even , people around me like to call me with anis nabilah.

but, I know who I am..
yupp!! did you know??
I am Faten, the Gadis Bery,huhu

do you think??or do you just said that i thought of you today? so, sweet..haha..

but, then when was the last time you really sat down and thought about something?.
was it a few minutes ago or a few months ago? I just think that our society is so reliant on someone else thinking for them that we have become a co-dependent culture. is it true??
and did you watch the news today?? was some guy on a killing spree?? a seriel killer perhaps? wooo!! syeramm nih..ahaakks..but, did you ever wonder if they felt any mercy for the person as they killed each one of them? or maybe they we merciless and they felt nothing. or maybe, just maybe, maybe, maybe, and maybe, they are figment of your imagination..

hey, do you wake up this morning? yes!, i about you?? or are you still dreaming??

waiting for the prince to kiss, then you will wake up..huhu..or are you possibly in a computer generated and controlled world that will keep you there until you wake up, like in the Matrix?

do you think?? are people fond of you or do people hate you?? wuuuwuuu!!..maybe as you were walking past that person this morning and you said "hi" with a cute smile to him/her and they smiled and waved back just so make you go away.uchh..or maybe they have a crush on you, waaaaa!! (like3x,hehe). then, maybe in the middle of a pack killer classes today, there was a subliminal message tthat said "FOOD" and so you thought you were hungry..arghh..kruukk krakkk, your stomach start to have a concert out loud..wooooo

do you think???think more and more just only for a your brain work well, and do you use it wisely? 'cause did you know that the human brain has two sides or hemispheres and each hemisphere process input, or info received, differently from the other. do you know that our knowledge of the brain is still in its infancy? just like a cute little baby..huhu. and we know even less about how the hemispheres operate. Getting in touch with how the two sides work can only do us good, for only then would we become 'FULL-BRAINED'

and so, these are just really my thoughts for those of you out there and for me as well who haven't really sat down and had a good thought today!!

today, cik bery have to perasan bagus just for a moment..
to, finish this entry with english word..
yess!! I did it!!
even look messy and i think there are many wrong here and there..
so, cik bery mntak maaf ye..
please correct me k..

i have a call
so, i have to go..
abes ^_^

cik beRy caYunK koRang keTat-keTat !! suke?? like laa, ^_^

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