Assalamualaikum u ols, da singgah, sudila follow ye, i will follow u back..lau yang xsuka tu xpayah la nk ckp bukan2 kt cni, boleh je terus tekan butang pangkah tu,mekaceh ^_^

my cayunks!! =)

No IDEA...

It has been a long time since my last post, huhu. 
what I want to write??
no idea.........
I want to say dat i'm sad bcoz
my close friend is off to Beijing for her family trip & I have to eat alone, study alone, watch movie alone
hukhukhuk T_T
I am happy this few days since my Fiancé is here!! in JB!! ^_^
AND for u my honey dew,Thanks dear for coming ^______________^

Ok, dats all, hehe 

~my dear fren, i hope u have a nice n safety trip to Beijing. AND!! don't forget to buy some souvenirs & bring back lovely photos to me.
~Thanks my dear Fiancé. Love u forever, wekkk :p  hahaha. 

cik beRy caYunK koRang keTat-keTat !! suke?? like laa, ^_^

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